22 November 2019 – A draw was cast today at the UEFA HQ in Nyon where the hosts of the “play-off” finals of the Nations League are learned, where the last four national teams participating in Euro 2020 are placed. The Kosovo’s National Team that emerged as Group A winner in Division D of the Nations League will play as the guest of Northern Macedonia in the semi-finals of the “play-off”. If qualified to the final, then the Dardanians will again play as guests to the winner of the other semifinal pair, Georgia-Belarus, as Kosovo was not lucky in casting the draws. The semifinal matches will be played on 26 March with the final on 31 March. Present at the draw were the FFK delegation led by President Agim Ademi, Secretary-General Eroll Salihu, Head Coach, Bernard Challandes, his assistant Muharrem Sahiti and manager Bajram Shala.

After the draw, President Ademi said: “We have almost known which teams can team up with us in case of qualification. What we expected in this draw was whether we would be the hosts to either Norhtern Macedonia or Georgia or Belarus in the final. Fate wanted it to be on their side, so we will play both matches as guests. However, we do not have to fear this fact, even though our desire was the final match takes place in Prishtina and celebrate in our stadium and country. However, we continue to pursue our dream and I am confident in the quality of the players and the work of the technical staff. Our national team has proven to have a positive attitude and winning mentality, so we will certainly work and believe in our success in both of these matches in order to achieve the first and historic qualification in Euro 2020.