9 October 2022 – Kosovo has recognized its rivals on its way to Euro 2024. The Dardanians, in the draw drawn in Frankfurt, have been included in Group I together with Switzerland, which has several football players from Kosovo in its ranks. Israel, Romania, Belarus and Andorra are part of this group as well. Considering the fact that Kosovo managed to avoid some much stronger groups, the draw is considered favourable, but the road to achieving the big dream is challenging and not easy.

Immediately after the draw in Frankfurt, the President Agim Ademi and the Head Coach of the National Team, Alain Giresse, gave their opinions on the verdict of the draw for the FFK official website.

“I wish we have the team in good health and without injuries in March. The group is correct. We have to do everything we can in all directions to qualify. It is our moment. May we be lucky and I expect the support of everyone, the institutions, the Dardanians, the football community and the entire Albanian factor in the country and especially our Diaspora. The Kosovo National Team belongs to everyone without distinction. We all have the right and equal role at this point”, President Ademi emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Head Coach, Giresse said that based on this group we are hopeful for qualification. “Now we have the verdict of the draw and we have this group and we have to see how we can qualify. It could be a tougher group, but that does not mean we are not infatuated. However, I think we can give ourselves the ambition to achieve a good performance in this group. Of course, we will have a special match and that is the match against Switzerland as the relations between the two countries and between the two peoples are special. Now we have to prepare well, observe our opponents and prepare to be in the best conditions since March and to start this cycle of qualifications with ambition”, Giresse stated for the FFK official website after the draw in Frankfurt.

Qualifying matches for 2024 European Cup will take place from March to November next year.