30 April 2023 – The reigning champion, Ballkan, managed to avoid defeat in the last minutes in the duel with Dukagjini at the “18 Qershori” stadium in Klina. However, the 1:1 draw in this match cost the team from Suhareka the loss of the leader’s position in the Albi Mall Superliga after the 31st week, as they are already one point behind Drita.

The hosts were the first to score when the Ukrainian Vladyslav Khomutov scored after the assistance of Ahmed Januzi in the 71st minute. Ballkan found the equalizing goal in extra time through striker Albin Berisha. The goal was initially disallowed on the pretext of the offside position, after reviewing the situation in VAR, the goal turned out to be valid.

There were no winners in the today’s other two matches either. But, unlike the match in Klina, the matches in “Fadil Vokrri” and “Riza Lushta”, between Prishtina and Llapi and Trepça’89 and Gjilani did not produce goals.

On Saturday, the other two matches were played where Drita defeated Ferizaj in front of its own fans with 3:0, while Malisheva collected three more important points as visitors against Drenica with 2:1.