20 May 2023 – FC Ballkan is the champion of Kosovo in football for the second year in a row. The black-and-orange team reached this success on Saturday after the 2:0 win against Ferizaj at home within the 35th week of the Albi Mall Superliga of Kosovo in football also thanks to Drita’s loss to Malisheva before their own fans.

Thus, a week before the end of the edition, the team led by Ilir Daja secured the first place in the rankings. Edvin Kuq and Meriton Korenica scored the winning goals for Ballkan in the 65th and 76th minutes each. The ceremony of awarding the title of champion for Ballkan will be organized in the last round in the match between Gjilan and Ballkan.

Malisheva collected three big points as visitors by defeating Drita with 1:0 thus securing the stay in the elite. Sobowale (56′) scored the winning goal for Malisheva.

Gjilan secured third place in the ranking, which ensures participation in European competitions, after today’s draw at “Zahir Pajaziti” stadium against Llapi (2:2), while Prishtina scored an easy win over Drenica with 4:1 at “Fadil Vokrri” stadium in Prishtina. Dukagjini also won before their own fans by defeating Trepça’89 with 3:1.

Thus, everything regarding the team that will join Drenica in a lower rank of the competition and the team that will play in the draw will be decided in the last week in the matches Trepça’89-Prishtina and Ferizaj-Dukagjini.

Ferizaj is currently in the 8th place with 38 points, while Trepça’89 has one point less.