7 May 2023 – The reigning champion, Ballkan, achieved a hugely important win as visitors in Gjilan against Drita, in the 33rd week of the Albi Mall Superliga, making the title race very interesting. Suhareka’s team won 2:1 equalling the score with Drita (66) at the top of the rankings. Ballkan took the lead with Meriton Korenica’s goal in the 11th minute, while Muharrem Jashari equalised the numbers in the 43rd minute.

Although the home team had more of the game in the second half it was Lumbardh Dellova who in the 85th minute brought victory to Ballkan, scoring a header after a corner loop. Even after this defeat, Drita remains leader and the fate of the title is in their own hands, because, if they win the remaining three games then they will be happy with the trophy.

Today’s other two matches were ended with no winners and no goals. Ferizaj broke an important point at Zahir Pajaziti Stadium in Podujeva in duel with Llapi, reaching the 35-point mark, although they remain in the penultimate position.

Meanwhile, Gjilan won one point as visitors at Fadil Vokrri Stadium in duel with Prishtina, keeping the latter at a distance of 7 points. Gjilan played with one player less on the pitch from the 78th minute as Arbnor Ramadani was punished with the second yellow card.