31 August 2020 – The Football Federation of Kosovo held today a press conference on the eve of the first two matches of the new Nations League edition against Moldova and Greece. Initially, the signing ceremony of the new contract for the period 2020-2022 took place. The contract was signed by the Head Coach, Bernard Challandes and the FFK President, Agim Ademi who days ago finalized the agreement for the continuation of the joint journey for another two years. 

Both sides assessed that there were no obstacles in reaching the new agreement and it came as a result of good work and successes achieved in the period 2018/2020. “We are pleased with Challandes’ work and results. I believe we will continue with such results “, President Ademi said, while Challandes jokingly said “I hope to be a better coach than a businessman”. I am very happy for the continuation of cooperation with FFK. The most important thing for me is football and continuing to work with these players. “We have to be patient. We are a new team and we have to rise slowly.” 

The Head Coach, Bernard Challandes then spoke about the difficulties he is facing in gathering players before these two matches because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rules of some countries where the players come from regarding the quarantine. In fact, Switzerland, where many Dardan footballers play, is one of the countries that oblige quarantine for every person returning from Kosovo. Challandes noted that he too will have to enter quarantine after returning to Switzerland, but this is not a big problem for him as it is for the players. 

He said that given the current situation, it is difficult to compose the team, but will try to bring out the best in both games. 

For more, watch the video from the press conference: