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Coaches Association



Within FFK is active Football Coach Association of Kosova.

Football Coaches from Kosova was equipped with licenses issued by former Yugoslav Football Federation whereas until 1999 they could have possibilities to follow further education.

After the War of 1999 there were a lot of possibilities for education of football coaches according to FIFA and UEFA programs (licenses “B”, “A” and professional licensed).

From 1992 FFK in corporation with Swedish Football Association (Vastergotland), Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonian Football Association, has achieved the professional education of Coaches from Kosova, who are provided with License “A”, “B” and “professional”.

Some other coaches are educated with their own possibilities, but not to a sufficient extent. Most of educations and seminars have been made in Kosovo, Sweden, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.

Since year 2000 FFK and Coach Association of Kosova have organised many seminars, educational programmes and licenses. Every year we have organised seminars before the football seasons and with themes that were actually, especially for physical preparation, leadership and mental coaching and with eminent football Instructors and Coaches like Franco Ferrari, Gerhard Bauer, Christof Daum, Jochen Figge….

Since 2004 FFK has had a very fruitful cooperation with Swedish Football Association and other Regional Associations.

Currently, German Football Association has organised educational programmes according to JIRA panel directives and finalised by licensing more than 50 Trainers with basic License C, and this cooperation will continue this and upcoming years to build and license the new coaches with B and A license.

Also the Albanian Football Association has shown a good will and readiness for help. Thanks to this cooperation we have educated and equipped with respective licences (B and A) a big number of candidates.

This cooperation is still very fruitful. At the end of the year we will send 20 Trainers for UEFA A license and in January also candidates for UEFA B license.

We would like also to emphasize that we have established the new Sector within FFK, Centre for Trainer Education with director of Centre. This Sector is continuously organizing seminars and Educational Training for Coaches, Referees and Administrators.

Also we are organising basic education for football Coaches involving our Professional Trainers and Instructors.

In FFK are registered about 80 coaches:

  1. Professional coaches license by UEFA criteria – 10,
  2. Coaches with UEFA “A” license – 63,
  3. Coaches with UEFA “B” license – 80, and
  4. Coaches with “C” License, 150.

 From this number there are 20 Women coaches.