5 April 2024 – The National Team of Kosova in the girls /women’s competition were defeated in the first match of the qualifying cycle for the European Championship 2025. The Dardanians were defeated by Ukraine in the match played in Antalya with 2:0 within the Group 4 in League B. This was the first loss of Anneli Andersen’s team after a streak of 13 wins and a draw.

Ukraine scored both goals in the first half. The numbers were unlocked in the 28th minute when Anna Petryk scored from penalty. Six minutes later, Tamila Khimich scored for 2:0. Until the end, both teams had several more scoring chances but the result remained unchanged.

Dardanians will play the next match in Group B4 against Wales, on Tuesday at the “Zahir Pajaziti” stadium in Podujeva while Croatia is also part of the group.

At the end of this round, the first three places go to the “play-off”, while the last place falls to League C for the next qualifying cycle.