10 October 2019 – The Kosovo National Team returns to victory after beating Gibraltar 1-0 in a friendly match at Fadil Vokrri Stadium in Prishtina. Even in this match, Dardans had the maximum support of the fans, but although they completely dominated the game, in the end, they had to enjoy only one goal. Kosovo started the match mainly with players who had less room to play as it consistently appeared dangerous in front of the visitors’ goal but lacked efficiency. On the other hand, the guest team was completely focused on the iron defense and failed to endanger Samir Ujkani’s goal who was idle in this match. However, the victory came only in the 69th minute when Florent Hasani, with a strong shot inside the area, scored his first goal in the shirt of the National Team and at the same time sealed the fate of this match. However, this match served the Head Coach, Bernard Challandes to better prepare for the crucial match against Montenegro on Monday at the same stadium.  After the game the Swiss coach expressed his satisfaction with what the players generally showed, but not with the result. “I didn’t expect a different match than this. I know that the opponent is quite defensive. Of course I’m not happy with the score of 1-0, but in the end that’s what we got and I think in general we played a good game. I wasn’t worried about the first half that ended without goals. It was necessary to keep our head calm, control the game and not jump with 10 players on the attack,” Challandes said.