21 February 2020 – The Kosovo’s Female National Team composed of U16, U19 and U23 under led by Kushtrim Munishi triumphed at the “Il Calcio E’Rosa” International Tournament that was held in Italy with different teams of colleges and national teams such as Moldova. In the finals of this tournament Dardans managed to defeat exactly the Moldavian National Team with 3:1 thus closing this tournament with four wins; three in Group B (Bolzano 3;0, Lazio C.R. 8:0 and Wales 5:0) as well as Moldova today in finale with 3:1. It is worth mentioning that Kosovo’s players showed not only good and quality games in the four matches but high sports culture, a winning character and extraordinary imagination of the football game. The final match against Moldova was like a cherry on top of a cake, a tough game where the rival was very extremely good but the tactic applied by the head coach Munishi and the technical team gave its fruits by defeating Moldova with 3:1. Moldavians were persistent to the end but without any effect. Moldavians scored first through the penalty in the 32nd minute by Ceresku and only two minutes later, Kaltrinë Biçkaj scored also from the white dot thus equalizing the numbers. The first half ended with this score. The second half started furiously by our girls when Loreta Lulaj scored to 2:1. Dardans did not stop even after this score when Kaltrinë Biçkaj scored the third goal in the 60th minute for the team and her second goal after a coordination with Donjeta Halilaj. The match closed with this score. The best scorer for Kosovo is Loreta Lulaj who scored in all the four matches. The feast became more magnificent as the males U19 of Kosovo defeated Moldova with 1:0.