27 July 2023 – The runner-up team of Kosova, FC Drita, managed to resist the well-known Czech team, Viktoria Plzen, getting a goalless draw (0:0), as visitors in the first match within the second circle in the Conference League.

For Drita, this was the first appearance in this edition of the European competitions. The Czech team was dominant throughout the match but failed to find the way to goal thanks to the excellent performance of Drita’s players in the defence and especially the saves of Florian Smakiqi. Although Viktoria had many chances to score, of which they shot the crossbar of Smakiqi’s goal twice, Drita was nevertheless able to return from this triumphant match, as if Albert Dabiqaj was more attentive in the 86th minute when after Muharrem Jashari’s assist came out alone with the home goalkeeper but shot close to the post.

Meanwhile, in the first half, the goalkeeper Stanek interfered outside the area against Ardit Tahiri but the Armenian referee forgave him, not punishing him with a red card. It should be noted that Viktoria Plzen last season played in the group stage of the Champions League with Inter, Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The return match will take place on 3 August at “Fadil Vokrri” stadium.