23 May 2021 – With the today’s matches of the 36th week, the 2020/21 edition of the Super League competitions is closed. As just a week ago Prishtina was crowned with the title of champion, today’s matches decided for the runner-up team as well as for the team that joined Besa in a lower range of competitions and for the team that will play in the draw.

The ticket for the European competitions was secured by Drita who with the victory against Arbëria (2: 0), closed the edition as runner-up, while this loss cost the team from Dobraja of Lipjan a drop from the Super League.

Meanwhile, Trepça’89, with the victory against Drenica (2: 1) in “Riza Lushta” avoided the penultimate place but not the draw. Thus, the team from Mitrovica will have to seek the elite position for the next edition through the draw match against Dukagjini of Klina, which will be played next weekend.

Results of the 36th week
Prishtina – Balkans 2:5
Drita – Arbëria 2:0
Llapi – Feronikeli 1:1
Trepça’89 – Drenica 2:1
Besa – Gjilan 1:0