1 February 2020 – The city of Prizren known as a hearth of talents was the next stop of the “Elite Youth Development Program U15” project that has been implemented for weeks now by the Football Federation of Kosovo with selection tours across the regions. About 50 football players from football schools and clubs from Prizren and Theranda with surroundings were part of this gathering where they showed their talents in front of the coaches of this project who are working hard to evaluate them in the best way possible. As in other regions in Prizren too, interesting games emerged, full of imagination and flowing talents from this gathering, confirming that this region is a hotbed of talents. At the end of this tournament, the project manager, Edmond Rugova, congratulated the participating footballers for their performance, while promising to follow them closely in the future.

Meanwhile, the Technical Director, Michael Nees, for the official website of FFK, gave his assessment regarding the progress of this project:

“I am very happy to have started this project and now the progress of these gatherings is getting better and better. This is a systematic work divided into several stages, where approximately 500 talents will be carefully observed. It is good that children are given the opportunity to show their talents and it is also a process that the coaches themselves gain experience with. From what we have seen so far, we are very happy with the level and quality of the players. This kind of program in Germany is being worked out at the national level, but I can freely say that FFK is the first federation to have this program in the regions. This is the most massive and correct program in terms of how evaluation was carried out in other countries I worked. Of course it is impossible not to make any mistake in the evaluation, but we are working to minimize the mistakes and we really have an enthusiasm from all the staff for a more correct and professional job. We are also seeing the pride in the faces of the children who are part of this project, and we will certainly realize at the end of this year how important this project was and what progress we have made. Someone may think this is an easy project to accomplish, but honestly it is a job that requires a lot of dedication. We will continue to work and carry out many more tests in order to finally have an objective evaluation of these talents” Nees said.

The next gathering within this project will take place on Sunday in the Gjilan Region.