6 November 2019 – Four matches of Week 14 of IPKO Super League in football were played today. The reignning champions, Feronikeli, defeated Prishtina at “Fadil Vokrri” stadium in the capital, with 3:2. The team from Drenas was twice in disadvantage but in the end they enjoyed the win. Prishtina took the lead in the second minute when Armend Januzi scored from penalty. Two minutes later, Feronikeli equalized also from penalty with Jean Carioca Da Silva’s goal. Prishtina returned the lead in the beginning of the second half through Diar Miftaraj’s goal. However, this goal did not demoralize the champions who equalized again in the 59th minute with Lapidar Lladrovci’s goal and in the 88th minute they scored the winning goal through Jean Carioca Da Silva. After this win, Feronikeli climbs to sixth place with 22 points whereas Prishtina remains fourth with 24 points. Llapi gained an important point in its journey in Suhareka equalizing 1:1 with the leading team, Ballkani. Sabino Plaku scored for Llapjans to take the lead in the 33rd minute. In addition, one point was secured for the hosts by Arbër Potoku with the goal scored in the 72nd minute. Meanwhile, Drita achieved a quite difficult win in duel with the last team in the ranking, Dukagjini, with 1:0. The only goal in this match was scored by Izair Emini from the white dot in the 90th minute. An important win before its supporters was achieved by Drenica that defeated Trepça’89 with 3:2. Goals for the Skenderaj’s red-and-blacks were scored by Sykaj (12′), Hyseni (52′) and Bardhi (85′), whereas Emini (30′) and Kaçiku (55′) scored for the ‘miners’.