31 August 2020 – With a solemn ceremony today was signed the extension of partnership contract between the Football Federation of Kosovo and TEB Bank. Due to the circumstances with pandemic, the ceremony was held with a limited number of participants.In addition to President Agim Ademi and CEO of TEB Bank, Orcun Ozdemir, present were also the FFK Vice-President Bakir Burri, Secretary-General Eroll Salihu and the National Team Captain Amir Rrahmani. President Agim Ademi stressed that it is a pleasure for FFK to have a partner such as TEB bank and that both parties have shown maximum seriousness during the four-year joint journey and now the partnership will continue for another two years. The General Director of TEB Bank, Ozdemir, expressed his satisfaction that the partnership with FFK is continuing for another two years, while he expressed his pride that the bank he runs will continue to be a sponsor of the Kosovo National Team. Meanwhile, the captain of the National Team, Amir Rrahmani stressed that the continuation of the partnership with TEB is a good job that the federation has done and that it is a pleasure when you have a stable sponsor.