13 May 2020 – President Agim Ademi and the Secretary General Eroll Salihu met tonight in the evening the Acting Health Minister, Arben Vitia. Present in the meeting was also the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, KOC President, Besim Hasani, Director of Sports Department, Ibër Alaj and the medical staff of Kosovo National Team. During this consultative meeting it was discussed about the transitional stages of opening sports activities, with special emphasis in return to football.
The FFK President, Agim Ademi expressed the need for the football to return as soon as possible taking into consideration deadlines FIFA has presented to its football member associations for the closure of this competition edition, normally if there are possibilities and taking into account all necessary precautions and observing recommendations from the health institutions in relation to precautions in stadiums. On this occasion, President Ademi presented to Minister Vitia the measures FFK has undertaken for the trainings and football matches in order to save the health of all participants. Meanwhile, the Health Minister, Arben Vitia after he thanked for the cooperation during the pandemic period, ensured the FFK heads and sports that the institutions are undertaking all necessary measures to gradually restart sports activities in accordance with the recommendations of the National Public Health Institute of Kosovo. All parties agreed to more meetings in the coming days in order to as soon as possible take a decision for the date when footballers might return to trainings and later to championship matches.