3 September 2022 – Within the UEFA Football Social Responsibility program, the Football Federation of Kosovo for the first time started the realization of the football project for the blind persons in Kosovo. This project aims at inclusiveness, creating opportunities for everyone to be equal and have access to play football. At the unveiling of this project, the President Agim Ademi and the President of IBSA (International Blind Sports Association), Elias Mastoras, were present. In front of the blind community of Kosovo, President Ademi emphasized that he felt happy that football will now reach them as well.

“You have organized competitions in various sports before but it will be the first time that you will practice football with the help of our colleagues from Greece and with all the equipment you need. It is a pleasure for us as FFK to have the opportunity to support you in this way and together create space for entertainment for blind people as well. Our mission is to develop football for everyone. It does not matter if you are blind or not. When there is the will and the opportunities then we can all play football”, said President Ademi.

Meanwhile, Elias Mastoras expressed his happiness that he found such great interest in football for the blind people in Kosovo and thanked the FFK for cooperation in achieving this project.

“We have gone to many places but we have not found such a large number of the blind community interested in football and this is encouraging for us. This is just the beginning of a wonderful journey together”, Elias said. He said that initially the project will be based only on the men’s competition, while in the future the project for blind persons in the women’s competition is also foreseen.

Afterwards, the Greek coach, Stefanidis Panagiotis gave a lecture to the audience about the rules and way of playing football for the blind people as well as the importance of the people who support them outside the lines of the green field. Then a practical part was also held at the National Camp in Hajvalia where the blind people successfully took their first steps in the game of football with the support of the coach Panagiotis.