19 February 2024 – The Football Federation of Kosova launched its strategy for the period from 2024 to 2028 under the motto “Foundations of the Future”. The ceremony held at the Emerald Hotel, alongside many guests from the football community, present were the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Mr. Hajrulla Çeku as well as UEFA representative, Mr. Denis Bastari and FIFA representatives Mr. Gianni Manca and Mr. Lorenzo Cavallari.

President Agim Ademi in his address to the audience thanked UEFA for standing by the FFK in drafting this strategy, while stressing that the road ahead has a bright future. “This strategy is the FFK’s path towards the development of Kosova’s football in the coming years. It contains our vision for the future and guarantees development and progress. We are committed to meeting all points of this strategy so that the football community can create opportunities for further promotion. Our goal is to have a training field in every corner of the country. This cannot be done without the support of MCYS, which has already started implementing its strategy for improving infrastructure with works at the “Adem Jashari” stadium, while soon the work will be started at the “Fadil Vokrri” stadium to make the field with hybrid grass”, emphasized President Ademi.

Meanwhile, Minister Hajrulla Ceku expressed his happiness to be part of this event and congratulated the Football Federation of Kosova for creating the strategy for the four-year period. “I congratulate the FFK and President Ademi, who in addition to other jobs, is also committed to long-term strategic planning. In cooperation with FFK and municipalities, we are consolidating of stadiums. President Ademi mentioned investments in the stadiums ‘Adem Jashari’ and ‘Fadil Vokrri’ but we are treating other stadiums just as diligently. Within five years, I believe that Kosova will close the topic of sports infrastructure,” Ceku said.

He said that the MCYS is planning to launch the national stadium this year.

Adam Walker, FFK strategy mentor from UEFA Grow, praised the FFK staff and their commitment to building this strategy: “At each stage of our visits, you have challenged me with your vision. This clearly shows that you are committed to testing the status quo and finding the best way to develop your country’s football. In addition, you have undertaken a clear vision for your strategy to be as reflective as possible. I hope and believe that all the stakeholders will enjoy and celebrate the many successes that this strategy will inevitably bring. The hard work starts tomorrow. While creating a strategy is a challenge, its daily implementation will be very important. I am thrilled that we completed this process and now we will see its impact on implementation. You have a fantastic team within FFK who have a lot of energy to work and build processes.”

Meanwhile, the Development Officer at FFK, Ms. Doruntina Fetahu laid out the strategic vision of the FFK: “In a world where everyone is developing, the FFK remains steadfast in its commitment to establish unity and cooperation among its members. Our mission is to unite all of Kosova to build a better society through sports. Football is the most unifying and positive force in Kosova society, so we are committed to protecting and developing it at all levels and that means having a clear strategy that we already have. The main components are participation, clubs and competition, the path of talents and national teams, infrastructure and business development,” she said as she further outsourced the pillars of this strategy.

In the coming days, the “Foundations of the Future” strategy will be published on the official website of the FFK.