20 February 2024 – The Football Federation of Kosova held the Regular Work Assembly under the direction of the President Agim Ademi. The representatives of FIFA, Lorenzo Cavallari and Gianni Manco, the representative of UEFA, Denis Bastari, the President of the Football Federation of North Macedonia, Muamed Sejdini, the Vice-President of the Albanian Football Federation, Lutfi Nuri, were also present at this assembly. Nuri and the Secretary General Ilir Shulku, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Sports and Kosova Olympic Committee.

Initially, President Agim Ademi thanked the delegates for the support they are giving to the development of football as well as the guests for their support and partnership with FFK. He then made a broad disclosure of the work done during 2023, starting from making football massive in the country, improving infrastructure, raising the quality of competitions as well as implementing comprehensive projects in football.


He emphasized that they are doing their best for football and the clubs, with the aim of further growth and achieving success. “We are always available to you together with the EC of FFK and will offer you the necessary support. You are the ones to whom I am accountable and responsible”, Ademi said.


On behalf of the Ministry of Sports, Ibër Alaj welcomed the works of the Assembly. He promised that this ministry, together with the local authorities, would stay close to FFK in improving the infrastructure and creating better conditions for football development.

FIFA representative Lorenzo Cavallari conveyed the greetings and congratulations of President Gianni Infantino and the recently appointed Secretary General, Mattias Grafstrom.


“Even though Kosova may be the youngest of FIFA’s member associations, we are very proud of the excellent relations and strong cooperation we have at all levels, between our two institutions,” said Cavallari among other things.


The UEFA representative, Denis Bastari, first congratulated all those present on the 16th anniversary of Kosova’s independence in his name and that of President Aleksandar Çeferin, as he emphasized that FFK has made great progress since its admission to UEFA and FIFA.

“We are in constant contact with the FFK and I would like to underline the work we are constantly doing in infrastructure, where we are constantly investing in the National Camp in Hajvalia and Obiliq, then in the headquarters of the FFK, but also in many fields with artificial and natural grass in all regions of Kosova”, Bastari said.


The President of FFM, Muamed Sejdini emphasized that without the union of the football community, FFK and President Ademi would not have been able to have such a success. “Keep working together. The President apologized a little earlier that Kosova surpassed Albania and North Macedonia with the quality of the league. This is true and there is no need to apologize. Ballkan has made extremely great achievements. They grew not only themselves but also you. They increased Kosovar football and made it better,” Sejdiu said.


The Vice President of the AFF, Lutfi Nuri also had positive words for the work of the FFK. “Kosova’s football has had a continuous progress in all directions. The biggest achievement is the representation of FC Ballkan for two years in the Conference League. Through the support of UEFA and FIFA, the infrastructure has been improved and this proves that FFK is on a good path and that Kosovar football is in safe hands”, Nuri said among other things.


After the speeches, the working part of the assembly continued where the business report and the financial report were revealed, which were unanimously approved by the delegates. The minutes of the previous Assembly were also approved as well as the proposal of the Executive Committee of the FFK for the members of the Electoral Commission and judicial bodies as well as the Electoral Code.


At the end of the work of the assembly, the head of the FFK once again addressed the delegates, thanking them for their trust, constructiveness and dedication to football. “I wish to continue like this and to have as many good things as possible for football and as many results as possible. The mission of FIFA and UEFA is that football unites the world and much more a federation. I thank you for everything you have done for football and for the trust”, Ademi concluded.