27 July 2023 – The Football Federation of Kosova strongly condemns and expresses its anger and concern regarding the scandalous, warmongering choreography of the fans of the Serbian club, Crvena Zvezda, in the football match against Fiorentina in Belgrade.

Presentation of a tank as a choreography in the stands, with the symbolism against Kosova, is an unacceptable and unparalleled act for sports and for harmony and peace between countries and peoples in our region, especially in the period of tensions between the two countries.

This publicly expressed act, accompanied by provocative slogans, proves that the opinion in Serbia and the authorities there have not changed at all from the aggressive approach and at the same time, it is an open provocation towards football and the Republic of Kosova.

The Football Federation of Kosova has acted in accordance with the regulations and principles of UEFA, presenting an official complaint on this issue. We have asked UEFA to urgently investigate this case and take strict measures against the club and the fans of Crvena Zvezda so that such chauvinistic acts and similar provocations are prevented in the future.

Football is a sport that, in addition to entertainment, should bring people together and serve to build bridges of cooperation. Such choreographies and slogans that aim to cause conflict and hatred between countries and peoples should not be tolerated.

This case makes us understand that UEFA and FIFA urgently need to take tougher measures against the violation of the principles and basic values of the football game. We hope and trust that our complaint and response will be taken seriously and those who incite hatred through football will be punished.

FFK will continue to promote the true values of football, as it is aware that a safe and respectful environment in stadiums is essential to experience the excitement of football in a positive way.