13 April 2023 – The fourth edition of the “Elite Youth Development Program U15” project has begun. Again this year, this project will be developed with the inclusion of all regions with about 600 footballers in the 15 years old age group who will be evaluated for their performance by the coaches engaged in this program as well as closely observed by the coaches of the chain teams of the national team. In addition to the activities at the National Camp in Hajvalia, this project will be also implemented in the regions where tournament-style matches will be held.

The person in charge of the project, Edmond Rugova assessed as very important, the continuity of this program, which this year includes football players born in 2009. “It is a pleasure to start this program again and I hope that as it was established, it will continue in the coming years. As soon as we finish the selection of players in the first stage, regional teams will be formed and then we will continue with inter-regional tournaments where the coaches will have the opportunity to see these players also in the tournament matches”, Rugova emphasized.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the large number of talents but said that a more serious approach is needed in working with these young boys.

“The essence of this project is the development and raising of individual qualities in the team concept. This program is designed to raise the quality level of each football player involved. At the same time, this program is in coordination with the selections that are taking place abroad such as the last camp in Grunberg, Germany”, Rugova added.

He announced that working with the generation born in 2010 is planned to start in September or October.

The young footballers also expressed their happiness to be part of this project who have the opportunity to show their values to the coaches of all regions, while they also talked about their dreams for the future. “I am very pleased to have the honour to play here and express my talent. In the future, I want to become a professional footballer and play in big teams”, said Bardh Kryeziu from the FC Balkan team.

Meanwhile, the member of FC Dragashi, Dren Loshaj said: “I am happy to be part of this project. I hope to be selected for the regional team and in the future for the national team as well. My dream is to achieve as much as possible and play in one of the most advanced countries such as England or Germany”.