20 January 2023 – The Kosovo U19 futsal national team drew in the first match in the preliminary round of Euro 2023 qualifiers, which is taking place in Skopje. The Dardanians led by Suad Keçi drew against Germany with 3:3. Kosova started the match well and took the lead with Odi Mehmeti’s goal in the 9th minute. Dardanians good game in this period was also crowned with the second goal scored by Blend Krasniqi, going into the break with a two-goal lead. However, the second half started well for the Germans who only scored after 25 seconds through Nikolas Suton. After conceding this goal, Keçi’s boys reacted quickly, restoring the lead of two goals through Blend Krasniqi in the 22nd minute. However, the Germans continued to press towards the goal of Kosova and managed to balance the score with two goals scored within 50 seconds when the 27th minute was being played. Mats Niclas Schrade scored first then Nikolas Suton scored his second goal. With the same score, Germany drew in the first match against North Macedonia so everything about the team that will qualify further will be decided on Saturday in the match between North Macedonia and Kosova.