The Assembly (legislative organ) ;
The Executive Committee (executive organ) ;
The Council for emergency issues (organ for urgent matters) ;
The President (representative organ) ;
Legal Bodies (arbitrary organ);
The Secretary General (administrative organ)
Permanent Commissions (Committees) ;
Ad Hoc Commissions (temporary, ad hoc);
I) Administrative Service

ASSEMBLY (Currently 59 members)

Members of the FFK Assembly, with the right to vote are represented in this way:

two delegates, elected from every member of Kosovo Super League;
one delegate, elected from every member of the First League;

Two delegates proposed by the Regional Football Leagues, with the condition that one of them comes from the Second League;
The President of FFK;
Elected representative from the Kosovo Referee Association (KRA);
Elected representative from the Kosovo Coaches Association (KCA);
Elected representative from the Futsal);
Elected representative from the Women football.
Delegates are elected for a period of four (4) years.


Executive Committee has 13 members and consisted of:

three vice-presidents (one of which is from the minority group)
nine of its members
Members of EC have a mandate in extent of 4 years and can be re-elected.

President chooses three members for EC himself, while seven (7) others are named from RFL. EC member is named also the representative of minority communities living in Kosovo.

Agim Ademi President
Bakir Burri Vice-president
Agim Dibrani Vice-president
Predrag Joviç Vice-president
Mirsad Çollaku Member
Bekim Rexhepi Member
Ilaz Mjaku Member
Xhelal Broja Member
Luan Vokshi Member
Vjollca Krasniqi Member
Flamur Bunjaku Member
General Secretary: Eroll Salihu