12 October 2023 – The Kosova’s National Team achieved its first win in Group I in the Euro 2024 qualifiers as it defeated Andorra at the “Estadi Nacional” with 3:0. The Dardanians dominated the match from the beginning, although Andorra again this time appeared to be an inadequate team with a tight defence. However, the score was unlocked in the 26th minute when Milot Rashica scored with a shot from inside the area after a great assist from Florent Muslija. The first half ended with a one-goal lead for Dardanians, while the second half continued with a hard-fought game and great commitment from both sides. However, the peace goal came in the 71st minute when Rashica found the way to the goal again. Vojvoda crossed from the wing to Hadërgjonaj but the ball reached Rashica who from close range embedded the ball into the home net for 2:0. Meanwhile, the result was sealed by Altin Zeqiri who made his debut in this match in the Dardanians jersey, scoring from close range after a masterful assist by Rashica. Unlucky in this match was the attacker Albion Rrahmani who was forced to leave the match on a stretcher due to the injury suffered in the 64th minute. However, this win raises the morale of the Dardanians for the next matches as mathematically they are still in the game for qualification but with small chances, with 7 points after seven matches played.