22 March 2024 – The Kosova’s National Team started the year 2024 and the new era under the direction of the new head coach, Franco Foda. In the friendly match played in Yerevan, Dardans defeated Armenia with 1:0.

Kosova dominated the first half and managed to take the lead in the 25th minute when Milot Rashica sent the ball into the net from close range. Initially, Edon Zhegrova penetrated from the right wing and his shot hit the crossbar that ended up at Rashica who calmly scored which in the end turned out to be the only goal in this match.

The second half started well again for Dardans who created two clean chances to score but Muriqi (53′) headed and Rashica (66′) failed to send the ball into the net. Then the game went under the pressure of the hosts who were aiming for the equalizing goal. However, the Dardan football players did not allow many spaces in defence and managed to save the lead created until the end of the match, realizing a well-deserved win.

Kosova will play its second friendly match on 26 March in Budapest against Hungary.