12 May 2017 – The Commission on Clubs Licensing held a press conference today. Initially, the journalists were addressed by Bajram Shala, Manage of Clubs Licensing, explaining the licensing procedures. According to Shala, six clubs applied for licensing this year and the First Instance Licensing Commission licensed Trepça ’89, Feronikeli, Prishtina and Llapi, whereas based on the application documentation Liria and Besa did not meet the criteria.  The licensing process commenced three and a half months ago with licensing workshops being attended by clubs officials which continued further. This licensing was carried out under the Regulation on Licensing the FFK Clubs and under the UEFA Regulation on Licensing of Clubs. Nevertheless, the Head of the Licensing Commission, Naim Havolli, before the journalists explained the licensing criteria with a special emphasis the financial criterion that has a great importance, specially considered important by UEFA too meaning that no clubs can be licensed unless all liabilities against the employees, players and liabilities to the Tax Administration and Trust are met. The period from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 was set as a time frame.  Having carefully looked at the documentation and from the declarations to the clubs of their authenticity for which clubs themselves take responsibility, the Commission has taken the right decision. No club has the right to interfere in the other club’s confidentiality. Clubs have the right to appeal only in their own license, if they are refused, or if in any case the Commission has withdrawn the license. Member of this commission, Mr. Jusuf Tortoshi said that a great job has been done, but according to him, it is disappointing the small number of clubs that have applied for licensing, considering that we are now in UEFA and FIFA and we waited for this day long. Journalists also asked about the statements of FC “Feronkeli” in the media that the licensing process has been distorted. On this occasion, Bajram Shala emphasized “I as a manager have accepted all the documentation and as long as the club states their authenticity and other documents bearing the stamp of the state institutions, FFK has no reason not to believe also for the fact that we are not an investigative body. The licensing process will be subject to two audits by UEFA organs and we believe everything is in compliance with the licensing regulation.