13 April 2022 – Llapi and Drita are the two finalist teams of the Kosovo Cup in football. Llapi managed to overturn the lead of Prishtina from the first match (2: 1) winning with 2: 0 in their second match. The match took place at Zahir Pajaziti stadium, which this time was full of spectators in support of the Llapjan team. Goals for Llapi were scored by Bianor Neto (59 ‘) and Francisco Rivera (79’), while the hosts win could have been even more convincing but the shot of Arbnor Ramadani (75 ‘) from the penalty spot was saved by Eglant Haxho. Thus, for the second time in a row Llapi will be in the Cup final, a trophy which they won last year, securing participation in Europe.

Meanwhile, Drita drew 2: 2 in the return match in the capital against Ramiz Sadiku, a result which was enough to touch the final because they had won the first match 3: 0. Ramiz Sadiku managed to create a two-goal lead through Armend Misini (51 ‘) from the penalty spot and Granit Musa (66’). However, in the last minutes of the match the team from Gjilan avoided the surprise with goals scored by Ardit Tahiri (86 ‘) and Almir Kryeziu (90 ‘+ 3).