7 September 2019 – Kosovo continues the magic series. 15 games undefeated, like no other national team. On Saturday afternoon, the Dardanians defeated the Czech Republic with 2: 1 at the Fadil Vokrri Stadium, the direct opponent for qualification to Euro 2020.

The Czech Republic appeared to be a very strong rival, but the Dardanians’ will and heart were greater. The Czechs put us under pressure from the start, and from the 16th minute, they took the lead with a goal scored by Patrick Schick. However, this joy lasted only four minutes when served by Rashani from the left, Vedat Muriqi scored for a 1: 1 draw. Dardanians strongly supported by fans in the stadium, managed to find the second goal and victory when in the 66th minute, Vojvoda made good use of Berisha’s cross to achieve another victory, which may prove historic for the European qualification.

Prior to this match, President Agim Ademi gave a special gift to former national team footballer, Enis Alushi, for his contribution in creating this growing national team.