Within the reforms and the new strategy of FFK, President Agim Ademi today presented the new selectors for the U21 National Team and the National A Team in futsal. Michael Nees who has also been the Technical Director of FFK for four years now, will henceforth lead the U21 National Team, while the well-known coach, Arben Simitçiu will lead the National Futsal Team,

While introducing the new selectors, President Ademi thanked the U21 selectors, Rafet Prekazi and Erdogan Celina and the futsal Selector Ramadan Cimili for their work so far, noting that they will be an important part of the federation in the future, but in other roles. He said it has been necessary to make changes to national teams in search of results and increased accountability.

” I have the pleasure to introduce today the new coaches of the U21 National Team, Michael Nees and the Futsal National Team, Arben Simitçiu. The new head coach of the U21 National Team is a sports worker from Germany who for 4 years now has been giving his contribution to FFK as a technical director. Michael Nees has the right experience in this aspect as he has been part of the national teams of South Africa and Israel and now he will transfer this experience to the U21 National Team of Kosovo. Meanwhile, Arben Simtçiu has worked very successfully in the Czech Republic and in many other countries. I believe that the cooperation will be extremely good and his experience will serve our National Team to reach a higher level”, President Ademi emphasized.

The new selector of the U21 National Team, Michael Nees, expressed his gratitude to President Ademi and the FFK for the trust given, as he hopes for success with the young Dardanians. “We have been working together for four years now and we know each other quite well and I can freely say that mutual trust has been established. We should also thank the coaches who have been there before. They have done a good job, but sometimes we have to make some changes and leave the comfort zone. When we discussed last month we concluded to unite the technical and sports aspect. Everything is interconnected. We have to work hard and compare ourselves to the big national teams. “I believe we will manage this,” Nees said.

On the other hand, the new selector of the Futsal National Team, Arben Simitçiu, who has successfully led the teams of Benagos and Sparta Prague, expressed his happiness that he was given the opportunity to transmit his experience and knowledge in this sport to the National Team.

“This is a great honour and respect for me. Every time during my career, I have done my best. Now I will give my best even more because Kosovo is my country and I believe that together we will bring Kosovo futsal to a higher level. “I hope we will do our best”, Simitçiu said.