6 December 2019 – President Agim Ademi and Vice-President Bakir Burri are attending the 100th anniversary manifestation of the establishment of the Polish Football Federation at the invitation of PFF President, Zbigniew Boniek. The event will be attended by all the heads of the UEFA member federations as well as UEFA President, Alexander Ceferin and FIFA President, Gianni Infantino. During the two-day stay in Poland, the meetings of the UEFA Committees will be held and the future of football will be discussed in the workshops of the respective Committees. President Ademi held this morning a joint meeting with the President of the Football Federation of Sweden, Karl-Erik Nilsson and that of Portugal, Fernando Soares Gomes da Silva where present was also the President of the Football Federation of Albania and the member of the UEFA EC, Armand Duka. On this occasion, the President of the Swedish Football Federation expressed his wish to visit FFK in February together with the entire EC of the Swedish Federation. This will be the first visit of its kind, but the Swedish Federation wants to see closely the organization and the work of FFK. Sweden has been a supporter of FFK even before joining UEFA and FIFA and still has the full readiness to assist in the professional and infrastructure fields. Ademi and Burri were happy to schedule this visit and very gladly welcomed the readiness of the head of the Swedish Football Federation to support the FFK.