Through football we build bridges between peoples, we don’t tear them down

The Football Federation of Kosova strongly condemns the serious incident caused by the fans of the Romanian National Team during the qualifying match for Euro 2024 between Romania and Kosova, in the “Arena Nationala” in Bucharest, Romania.

The fans of the national football team of Romania, through the language of hatred and damage to the image of their national team through such expressions and unsportsmanlike behaviour, have denigrated last night’s football match.

For this, the Football Federation of Kosova has reacted immediately on the spot, demanding the suspension of the match until the banners and slogans of hatred are withdrawn during the match. The delegate of the match approved this request and until all banners were withdrawn and all hateful calls against Kosova were stopped, the match did not resume.

After this incident, it was requested from the UEFA delegate to record all the violations that resulted in warnings to the Football Federation of Romania and it was requested that the relevant UEFA bodies process all violations.

The Football Federation of Kosova has also addressed the Disciplinary Commission of UEFA with the request that adequate measures be taken in relation to the nationalist chants, banners and hate language expressed by the fans of the Romanian National Team.

Such incidents must not be repeated. Football only builds bridges between us. It should not tear them down.

We thank once again all those who have condemned yesterday’s incident and support football.

Despite this, the FFK has discussed and collected statements and recorded and photographed materials thus completing the file of complaint for punishment, with a request for the review of all events by controllers, specialists and the referring sector for the unfair decisions.

President Ademi has called the competent bodies for this case and asked for measures to be taken, mentioning also the case of the match with Switzerland for not awarding the penalty, as well as the case of the possible penalty with Romania and not giving the red card in the case of interference to Rrahmani.

In this regard, FFK, within the framework of legal procedures, will prepare the necessary comments and submit the lawsuit to UEFA, and if necessary, to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).