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Referee Association


It is important to clarify that FFK was equal member in ex Yugoslavian Football Federation and Referee Association was well organised and with respective qualification and experience.

We have had referees with International experience, and referees in First, Second and all other football Leagues.

These professional staffs were very helpful in organizing and establishing a new referee system and in accordance with FIFA and UEFA Regulation.

Currently, Football Federation of Kosova has own organ (Referee Committee) which is responsible for cooperation with Referee Association of Kosova.

Referee Association is composed from the seven Regional Referee Association and they constitute the Referee Assembly of Kosova.

Referees registered within FFK are as follows:

  • In total 173

From this number there are 168 man referees and 5 women referees.

Referees categorised by level:

  • 45 referees with First category;
  • 49 referees with Second category;
  • 38 referees with third category and
  • 41 referee beginner, fourth category.

Information about basic education and training

2002 Tirana (Albania)

UEFA Basic training and Referee Education – 16 participants from this number 5 women referees

Lecturer: Referee Instructor from Italy, Czech Republic and England.


2003 Sweden

Referee Basic education (15) days organised by Swedish Football Association and with International Referee Instructors.

Two referee participants from Kosova.

2004 Prishtina (Kosovo)

Referee Educational training -62 participants.

Lecturer: Swedish FA Referee Instructors


2005 Tirana (Albania)

Referee basic education. Four participants from Kosovo.

Lecturer: FIFA and UEFA Referee Instructors

2006 Mitrovica (Kosovo)

Refereee basic Instruction. 67 Participants (first and second category)

Lecturer: High Referee Instructor from Macedonia

2007 Mitrovica (Kosovo)

Referee basic education. 72 Participants of first and second category.

Lecturer: High Referee Instructor from Croatia (Karlo Polak)

2009 Prishtina and Mitrovica (Kosovo)

Referee basic education. Participants from all categories.

Lecturer: Referee Instructors from Albanian FA.

2011 Durrës (Albania)

Referee basic education. Participants from all categories in Albania and Kosovo.

Lecturer: Referee Instructors from Albanian FA.

2012 Mitrovica and Gjilan (Kosovo)

Educational and basic training. Mitrovica 49 participants, Gjilan 27 participants.

Lecturer: High Referee Instructor from Albania.

2013 Durrës (Albania)

Basic training and education. 62 participants from First and second category

Lecturer: International Referee Instructors from Albania.

It is important to emphasize that all those trainings and educational programmes were follows by practical issues and tests.

Also Referee Committee has foreseen to have physical and theoretical tests at the beginning of season and in the middle of competitions in order to have clear picture about physical preparations and to be up-to-date with any changes made by International Referee Board.

All forms for Referee reports for the matches are standard FIFA forms.