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All ranks of football competitions in Kosovo are organized, conducted and controlled by the FFK through the Competition and Disciplinary Committees.

All ranks of football competitions (Super League, I League, and II League) are conducted by the committees of respective competition rank appointed and discharged by the Executive Committee of the FFK. Committee of the Super League and first League conducts also the competitions of Junior Category in respective rank. Competition Committee for the Regional League rank is appointed by the entity managing with competitions.

Those are official competitions organized by FFK:

National Championship (senior level;
Football (FFK) CUP (senior level);
Futsal league;
Futsal CUP;
Women league;
National CUP for Women;
National Juniors league;
National competition for young age group

National Championship (senior level)

Super League – 12 teams;
First League – 16 teams;
Second leagues 16 teams;
Women League
Futsal Superleague
Futsal First League

Football CUP competitions
FFK CUP (senior);
Futsal CUP competition;
National CUP for Women

National Juniors League;
National Competition for young age groups.

Football championship competitions for edition 2014/15 will be conducted according to the system of Leagues with participation of:

– 12 teams will compete in the Super League of Kosovo.

– 16 teams will compete in the first League of Kosovo.

In Super League competition system will be as follow: In Super League will take place 33 laps, in three stages. In the first two stages 12 teams will play according to Berger system, round trip (22 laps), while at the third stage will be played 11 laps on the basis of classification in the table and according to Berger’s system. According to this, the first six teams will have one more match at the home.

The team that earns the most points (by summing the scores of 33 regular rounds of Super League), wins the title of Kosovo.

Two teams who earn the least points, collected 33 points turnovers regular Super League, will move to the lowest level – the first League of Kosovo, while the position ten (10) and ninth in Super League will play in neutral field (EC decision) against the First League third and fourth in the classification table.

If the game is equal, extensions will follow and if there is no winner will be executed penalties.

Winners will compete in Super League for the next season.

In the First league will be held 30 regular turnover matches, according to Berger’s lottery.

Two teams who earn maximum points, collected after 30 turnovers matches have the right to move to a higher level – the Super-League, while the third and fourth play crucial matches with place tenth and nine of Super League.

Two teams who earn the least points, collected after 30 matches in first league rounds will go in Second League of Kosovo, and shall leave the place for two champions in both groups of second Leagues of Kosovo.

Place of 14 and 13 of the first League will play one determinative match with second place teams of group A and group B of Second league, depending on geographical affiliation group. If the 14th and the league’s first 13 belong to the same group in the second division then couples withdraw lots. It will be played a neutral game defines by the EC of FFK.

16 teams compete in the Juniors Super League of Kosovo, while in the first Juniors` League of Kosovo are foreseen to compete 16 teams (or as many present, according to the Decision of Executive Committee), while at the end of championship, three last ranked fall into the first League, while first, second and third from the first League move to the Super League, same rule is valid for the first League of Juniors.

28 teams will compete in the second League of Kosovo dived in two Groups:

– Group “A” – 12 teams in Regions of Prishtina, Mitrovica, Peja and Gjakova
– Group “B” – 12 teams in Regions of Prizren, Theranda, Ferizaj and Gjilan.

Competitions in the second League are conducted with double system of scores (going- coming).

Champions of two groups “A” and “B” of the second League, win the right to move in higher rank, in the first League for the next competition edition.

Teams that are ranked as last in groups “A” and “B” of the second League after the finish of championship 2014-2015, will leave the second League.

Teams of juniors conduct matches for championship competitions in two ranks, – 16 teams in Super League and 16 teams in the First League.

The FFK Executive Committee decides about the cases in which teams of Super League and of first League have no respective teams of juniors, or they are withdrawn during competitions.

According to the decision of the FFK Board, date 10.08.2005, they are completely independent from the competition of seniors and competitions are conducted in accordance with a special schedule determined by LOT.

If a team of juniors does not play 3 (three) matches without any reason during the entire Championship (autumn-spring) it is disqualified from further competitions.

Three last teams (according to coming-going system) of the SUPER LEAGUE for Juniors are removed from this category and they go to first League, while those are replaced by three (3) teams ranked in first, second and third positions of the first League.

Three (3) teams with minimum scores will be removed from the first League, while those will be replaced by two teams of juniors of the Clubs from second League (if there are competitions), or interested teams under the condition of LICENSING the team for that competition rank.
Competitions of juniors’ teams are obligatory in the championship of 2014/15 for the teams of Super League and of the First League. Juniors conduct the regular part of championship (30 rounds for SUPER LEAGUE and 30 rounds for the first League). 15 matches are conducted in the autumn season in Super League, and 15 matches for the first League and the same number of matches in the spring season.

Licensing of teams is the condition for the number of matches, in contrary this number can change, and it can be smaller particularly in the first League.

Matches of juniors are conducted on Saturdays, with exclusive exceptions also on Sundays; Obligatory beginning time is 11:00 hours in the morning (for the Super League and for the First League).
Ranking of juniors will not depend on ranking of seniors.

Competitions of new categories are organized and managed by the respective Regional associations.

Competitions for new pioneers, pioneers and cadets are regulated by the “COMPETITION RULES FOR YOUNG GROUP AGES”.


The Status of players is clearly defined by “Regulation of Status of Players” which is harmonised with FIFA respective Regulation and adopted by FIFA Legal Service.

I would like to inform you that we have set the financial limit for a professional player in accordance with labour Law, which was crucial in determining the status of players.

Under this limit the players have amateur status.

There are no professional or amateur clubs but clubs with professional and/or amateur players.