3 May 2023 – The seventh anniversary of UEFA membership by the Football Federation of Kosovo was marked with the event “7 for 7” at the National Camp in Hajvalia. This activity was closely followed by President Agim Ademi, members of the FFK Executive Committee and the golden generation of Football of Kosovo and former footballers of the resistance period.

With seven mixed teams (girls and boys) of the 7-year-old age group from seven Regional Football Leagues, “7 for 7” was performed in a fun and celebratory atmosphere but also in an atmosphere of dedication and respect for as sacrificial as well as glorious history of Kosovar football.

In this particular tournament, boys and girls came together, showing that football has no difference between genders and that this game is a powerful unifying society. Despite the fact that the event was conducted in a tournament form, with a competition system, FFK made sure that each team felt victorious and receive a trophy, while for girls and boys special jerseys and bags with the inscription of the event “7 for 7” – Kosovo 7 years in UEFA were delivered.

Marking the seventh anniversary of UEFA membership with such an activity was the perfect way to encourage children to continue playing football and pursue their dreams, as football is often a difficult but very valuable path to achieving the pinnacle of success.

No doubt, ‘7 for 7’ will always remain in the memory of these young men who in the future may be familiar names in the domestic and international arenas.

Through such activities, FFK aims to raise awareness of children and youngsters about the importance of football and the benefits it brings to their development as individuals and to society as a whole.