21 January 2019 – In the presence of the chair of the Commission for women’s football and at the same time a member of the EC FFK, Vjollcë Krasniqi and the Head of Women’s Football, Valbone Gashi-Uka, and club representatives present, at the FFK HQ was drawn the lot for the Kosovo Cup in women’s competition. The first round matches will be played on 16 February, while those in the second round will be played on 20 February. Meanwhile, clubs were informed that the transfer deadline will close on 15 February at 24:00, while the spring season in the senior category will start on 9 and 10 March.

In the first round will meet:

Kosova (P) – Drenica
Gjakova – Intellectuals
Ulpiana – Llapi
Dukagjini – Basel 2015
Ferronikeli – Vizioni
Liria – Malisheva
Mitrovica rests