21 July 2022 – The draw for the new competition edition 2022/23 in the Super League was cast today at the FFK Headquarters in the presence of the Competition Commission and representatives of the clubs. Initially, on behalf of the President Agim Ademi and the FFK EC, the attendees were greeted by the Chairman of the Competition Committee, Abdyl Bellopoja who congratulated the clubs for the best possible organization and success of the competitions in the new edition. Based on the draw cast in the first week, Gjilani – Ferizaj, Malisheva – Balkani, Drenica – Llapi, Trepça’89 – Drita and Dukagjini – Prishtina will face each other. The new championship starts on 13 August.

Today, the draw for the First League was also cast. Based on the draw, in Group A Vellaznimi – Drenasi, Onix – Trepça, Feronikeli – Rilindja, A&N – Istogu, Rahoveci – Liria will meet in the first week. Meanwhile, in Group B, Arbëria – Fushë Kosova, Vushtrri – Flamurtari, Ramiz Sadiku – 2 Korriku, Vjosa – Ulpiana, Vllaznia – Kika will meet in the first week. The new edition in the First League starts on 20 August.