4 July 2023 – The FFK Executive Committee held its following meeting today, in which various issues of importance for Kosovar football as well as the progress of preparations for the new edition of the competition were discussed. Among the main issues that were discussed in this meeting was the selection of the team of coaches who will lead the Kosova’s National Team in the remaining matches of the qualifying cycle for Euro 2024. Thus, after reasonable discussions, the FFK EC decided that Primozh Gliha will be appointed at the top of the technical staff while Afrim Tovërlani, Arbnor Morina, Ahmet Beselica and Thomas Richards will be his aids. The EC decided to entrust the leadership of Dardans to the internal team of coaches who are already engaged in the national teams. At the same time, they will stay in the age group teams that they lead but they will be engaged to assist the selector Gliha in the ‘A’ National Team as well.