15 January 2023 – The “Kinder League” project was launched in Prizren this weekend. The Regional Football League of Prizren in cooperation with the Football Federation of Kosovo within the “Grassroots” program organizes it.

This project is organized in this form in several cities of Kosovo, Gjilan, Mitrovica and Kaçanik, where 9-year-old children are involved. Through this league, they have the opportunity to express and develop their talent.

This project does not give importance to the results of matches, so there is no team rankings as since the only goal is for the children to enjoy playing football, create friendships, and socialize among themselves. In addition, the goal of this project is inclusiveness, learning cooperation during the game as well as learning the rule of Fair Play where the most fair-play player receives a green card from the referee of the match as an assessment for the good behaviour.

All children participating in this project have the opportunity to play and enjoy football. The goal of this league is for everyone to feel like a winner at the end, so there is no champion team at the end of the season but everyone will be rewarded with medals and everyone in one form or another will be a champion.

This project is proving to be very successful as unlike last year when 9 teams participated in Prizren, this time 20 teams joined the league thus proving the massiveness of football, which is also one of UEFA’s and FIFA’s goals.