2 March 2024 – In a special ceremony on the eve of the match of the 17th week in the First Raiffeisen League of Kosova, between Vjosa and Ulpiana, the artificial grass field was inaugurated at the city stadium in Shtime.

The President of FFK, Agim Ademi, along with the Mayor of Shtime Municipality, Qemajl Aliu, the Director for Culture, Youth and Sports, Albana Fazliu and the representatives of KF ‘Vjosa’, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the field, marking thus a new chapter for football in this town. The ribbon cutting symbolized not only the official opening of the new field but also the FFK’s ongoing commitment to improving football infrastructure throughout the country.

The reconstruction of the field with artificial grass at the Shtime stadium is the result of the investment of the Football Federation of Kosova in cooperation with the municipality. This investment has brought about a fundamental change in this stadium, giving opportunities to Vjosa team but also to the football talents in Shtime, to have much better conditions for the development of their activity.

“The inauguration of this new field with artificial grass is a very important step for football in Shtime. Together with the municipality we will work on the construction of the training field, as investment in infrastructure is vital for the development of our football and to create equal opportunities for all talents, in every city and village of our country”, Ademi said.

He announced that the works are expected to be completed very soon in the field of KF Kika in Hogosht as well as in the field of KF 2 Korriku in Prishtina.

The investment in this stadium is part of the fulfillment of the Memorandums of Cooperation with local and central authorities, which aim to improve the conditions and opportunities for the development of football throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosova.