19 January 2024 – UEFA Jira Panel member Dany Ryser, who is on a working visit to Kosova, expressed his appreciation for the great work of the Football Federation of Kosova in training football coaches. Ryser, FFK mentor since 2018, held a meeting with the Acting Secretary General, Markus Weidner and the Head of the Education Department, Sanije Krasniqi.

The key point of this meeting was the decision of the UEFA Jira Panel to allow FFK to organize the course for License A starting from April this year. Dany Ryser evaluated the work of the FFK Education Department in organizing courses for Licenses C and B. During the meeting, the successes achieved in the previous period and future goals for training for License A were discussed. Ryser emphasized that this step will affect the increase of the level of coaches in Kosova in all aspects.

Kosovar coaches in the past were obliged to complete the courses for the A License in other federations, especially in the Albanian Football Federation. The approval to organize these courses in Kosova marks an important step towards fulfilling the FFK’s objective of creating a reliable and professional training system in Kosovar football, including the UEFA Pro License. The Education Department of FFK has already designed the necessary syllabus and instructions for the A License course, focusing on the advanced aspects of football technique and team management.