18 January 2024 – During the last two days, the Football Federation of Kosova was pleased to host two prominent UEFA mentors, Stuart Grieve and Vladimir Luptak who were on a work visit to our country to assess and assist the development of “Grassroots” department at FFK. This department has a key role in the growth and development of football in the country, with the aim of promoting and providing the opportunity for all young people to be involved in the game of football in all categories.

In the workshop organized with other departments that are related or help in the projects of the “Grassroots” Department, the UEFA mentors made a detailed assessment of the state and activities of this program. They were very pleased with FFK’s rapid progress since joining UEFA and FIFA, particularly appreciating the commitment to grassroots football.

As part of their visit, Stuart Grieve and Vladimir Luptak, in addition to meetings at FFK, also visited KF Rilindja in the capital. They received information on the operation of the club, the challenges it faces and the successes achieved. In addition, they saw closely the development of the “Kinder League” in Suhareka, an activity dedicated to children up to the age of 10. They praised the children’s high commitment to the game of football and how Grassroots helps them grow. They also praised the referees engaged in this activity, who, despite their young age, showed self-confidence and attitude in providing justice.

At the end of the visit, the two UEFA mentors shared evaluations, advice, ideas and information in the joint meeting with the Secretary General, Markus Weidner and the Grassroots Manager, Albina Rrahmani. They assured that they would continue to provide strong support to the development of football in Kosova as their visit proves UEFA’s commitment to Grassroots projects and further progress of football in our country.