24 December 2022 – The striker of the Kosovo National Team and of the Spanish team, Mallorca, Vedat Muriqi, has been announced the best footballer of 2022. In the traditional ceremony of the Football Federation of Kosovo, which was held on Saturday in “Klan Arena”, in a magnificent atmosphere and with the presence of many guests, the main award “Fadil Vokrri” in Muriqi’s absence was received by the Director of the National Team, Muharrem Sahiti. It was jointly handed over by the President Agim Ademi and the Mayor of the Capital, Përparim Rama, Deputy Minister of Sports, Daulina Osmani.

President of the AFF and the member of the UEFA EC, Armand Duka and the President of the KOC, Ismet Krasniqi were also part of this event. This event was greeted by the Head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino and the Head of UEFA, Aleksandar Ceferin through a telegram each.

For Muriq, this is the second Footballer of the Year award from FFK as he won it for the first time in 2019. “I wish you a happy New Year. I am happy and proud of this award. I thank the teammates of the National Team. I am sure you will support me until the end of my career. It is the second time that I am chosen as the best. I hope that 2023 will be the year of Kosovo and that we will reach the top, both in the team aspect with Kosovo and also in the individual aspect”, Muriqi said through a video message.

Meanwhile, the epithet of the best football player for 2022 in the Super League of Kosovo went to the member of FC Balkani, Armend Thaqi. In the best 11 of the Super League were chosen: Enea Koliqi, Armend Thaqi, Lumbardh Dellova, Astrit Thaqi, Ardian Limani, Ermal Krasniqi, Lindon Emërllahu, Ilir Krasniqi, Endrit Krasniqi, Albion Rrahmani, Marko Simonovski. The latter also won the award for the best scorer of the year. Lumbardha Misini was announced the “Best Footballer of the Year” while Aurora Racaj won the “Hope of the Year” award. The talent of FC Bayer Leverkusen, Larson Ferati was also awarded with a prize. The epithet of the “Best Futsal Player” went to Dardan Topilla. The award for the “Best Club of the Year” went to FC Balkani. The Fair-Play award went to FC Ferizaj, the one for the best club of the year among women to KFF EP Hajvalia, while the “Best Club in Futsal” was announced FC Liqeni. . The epithet of the “Best Coach” went to Ilir Daja who with FC Balkan had historic achievements for Kosovo football, while Genc Nuza was announced the “Best Referee” for the seventh time.

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), Kosovo Police, UEFA, AFF, MFF, FFSHF and UKSHF, as well as the sponsors of FFK, were honored with special thanks. Meanwhile, Erion Kajtazi, Leon Kurtishaj, Milaim Krasniqi, Dervish Shala, Avdullah Svarça, Skender Selmani, Eroll Krasniqi, Arben Dubova, Alush Batatina, Hilmi Bellanica, Sokol Hadri, Muharrem Neziri, Halil Gllogjani, Genc Shasivari, Nexhmedin Lleshi, Galip Hoda, Xelal Haziraj, Shukri Osmani, Vedat Ibrahimi, Afrim Kuqi-Belaku were honoured with post-mortem gratitude.


photo by: @Shpend Ahmeti