26 June 2020 – The first virtual training course for UEFA License C for coaches, in collaboration with the unique EduBreak teaching and learning platform was launched today. At the opening of this course, the participants were greeted by the Secretary General of FFK, Eroll Salihu who assessed this working method as extremely important to continue the activities provided in the circumstances as a consequence of Covid-19 pandemic in which not only our country but the whole globe is facing. This course is organized in different stages: virtual and contact (training). In the virtual phase, participants have lectures and assignments through the web and must participate with internet connected laptops or desktops while in the contact or training phase, participants must come to Prishtina for practical field work. The manager of this project is Michael Nees with the assistance of Sanije Krasniqi, while participants in the first day were also Frank Ludolph, Head of Education at UEFA, Anna Stege from the German Embassy, ​​Celine Babic from the German Olympic Committee (DOSB), and Horst Kriete from the German Football Association (DFB) who spoke about the development and cooperation of such FFK projects with UEFA, DFB, DOSB and the German Embassy, ​​while congratulating the participants of this course for successful work.