14 February 2023 – A workshop on licencing the clubs for UEFA competitions for the 2023/24 competition edition was held today at the FFK HQ. The officials of the Albi Mall Superliga clubs attended the workshop. The Licensing Manager, Bajram Shala, and the FFK Financial Expert, Indrit Canolli, informed the clubs about the changes that the UEFA Regulations on licensing in European competitions have undergone as well as the criteria that must be met stage by stage up to the final process.

Likewise, the members of the First Instance Licensing Commission, Naim Havolli, Safet Berisha and Jusuf Tortoshi, contributed to the discussions about the various criteria of this process.

A good record of accomplishment of meeting the licensing criteria has already been established and most of our clubs have successfully passed this process in previous years. The club licensing process will be completed by May. A workshop like this will be held next Wednesday with the clubs of the Sigal Women’s Superliga.